one more thing i have noticed is that the sequencer isn’t really in sync to the the drums somehow (thought it would be with ableton link implementation but isn’t) … when you press in a little sequence with arpeggio lets say over 8 bars, the sequence stays for a few bars (rounds) and then changes slightly (some notes shift to another 16th in the arp). This is somehow cool because then you get different syncopes in your line over a time… but when you really want to keep that exact line you pressed in you then have to stop and restart the sequence when it’s going to shift. what could that be? even when i sync everything with ableton link the line keeps shifting over a time…

yesterday there was something strange with the arpeggio in the patch (it was ok again after reloading it)… it played the notes in a different order (which was really cool but i could not reproduce it), the arps played all the notes i pressed and AFTER that the octaves of the same notes were played (i pressed C1 D1 at the same time then C1 D1 - C2 D2 came out). usually it should play the octave of a note after each note (C1 C2 - D1 D2)… BUT this was very cool with some unexpected results. So my next question would be how to change the arpeggio (make a new arp-mode)?