Back to factory settings failed, deleting hard drive failed

Hey folks,

I bought my Organelle used and had quite some fun at the beginning. Because it was used it came with slightly different settings. in order to work better with the manual I wanted to put it back to factory settings…which didn’t quite work unfortunately.
So what I did was download the factory setting patches from the Critter & Guitari website, delete the old patches on the USB and put the new ones on the USB.
When I put the USB back into the Organelle, it said NO PATCHES FOUND!

In the meantime I also got a new Macbook.
Now when I put the USB into my Mac I get the warning that I cannot change anything about the USB hard drive. I tried deleting and restoring it as the program suggested. But here I also get a warning that it failed.

Do you have any ideas on what to do here?
Thank you so much for your help,

Maybe the easiest thing would be to use a different USB drive. Here are instructions for setting one up.