Bangs vs Unpack PD

This might be super simple but can anyone explain the difference between a Bang and an Unpack object?

I get drastic changes if I replace the bang with an unpack when I route it to my sub patch! As a for instance, the unpack object bypasses the decay messages? What’s the difference?

Unpack and bang are unrelated

Unpack unpacks a list sending objects out of individual outlets.
Bang sends a bang

I think you need to post a picture of the bit of the patch your looking at, and tell us what you’re trying to do - this will provide some context for us to help.

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Hey there!

Oh? okay… good to know!

Well, I’ve created a kick, using various sources which I am actually quite happy with but each approach has had subtle differences and so in this context, I have two versions saved. In the first one I have a ‘bang’ which sits under ‘r notes’ object and in the second I have replaced that bang with an ‘unpack’ object and in doing so it has removed the Decay parameter I created for my kick patch.

I hope that makes sense…

Try using the [print] object to see what exactly the messages look like. You will see that [r notes] is outputting a list of 2 numbers (pitch and velocity), [bang] is just outputting a bang for whatever input it receives, unpack splits up the list of numbers…

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