Basic Poly Sampler for the 100+ Mellotron/Chamberlin patches I sampled

I’ve added samples to the Mellowtron patch without any trouble. Just have to watch the naming convention.

Hey man. I appreciate that. I don’t have the organelle in front of me… I messed with MellowTron and it was a bit of a pain x 100+ folders and I posted here for help.

hey guys i have patch that you can just replace or add folders to a directory and Pd scans them all would that help? I have been off and sick a few days



Sounds great!

It would be super cool to have one knob dedicated as a blend knob. So for example just like on a real Mellotron with A and B to have a patch where knob 1 to the left is a flute, all the way to the right is a Chior or Oboe etc. and to center the knob would be an equal mix of both.
Also this could cut down the amount of patches from 100 to about 50 since there could be 2 per patch. Maybe Aux could be used to select the pairs.

“Basic Poly Sampler
knob 1 = sample start
knob 2 = attack
knob 3 = release
knob 4 = pitch”

… this needs to happen!

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So there is an updated Mellowtron patch. Let’s release these files @klydehyde can’t waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiittttt

ya its easy to browse the files in the new mellowtron patch @klydehyde!

Deleted, deleted.


couldnt find the wav-ones?

Deleted, deleted.

@klydehyde this didn’t work for me either - just ended up with a PDF of various social media and contact addresses.
Sorry if I’m missing something obvious…

Deleted, deleted.

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Deleted, deleted.

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:man_facepalming: sorry - and thanks, and thanks in advance for the organelle version especially!

Organelle version uploaded. Let me know how it goes.

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Anybody else having trouble getting these samples to work in Mellowtron? Followed same process as i would to get the initial mellowtron instruments set up. Tried renaming the samples and still didn’t have any luck. Thoughts?

Haven’t had a minute to check it out. All the wav’s are solid and make/have sound in them… have you compared these wave’s to the Mellowtron one’s? Bit rate/depth, mono/stereo?

If they’re not 16 bit, 44.1, they’ll need to be converted as that’s what’s needed to work with organelle. I’ve downloaded them but haven’t given them a look yet.

Well, I’ve tried it with the Mellotron patch but I can’t make it worked??

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