Basic Sampler Problem in 1008 and BS FX PB Patch


Couldn’t find any answer here, so…

Regarding the Basic Sampler in the 1008 and BS FX PB patch:

How do I change the preset sample in the basic sampler? I cannot record stuff directly and also in the patch manager it doesn’t work. What do I miss? Really confuses me!

In the single basic sampler patch everything works fine…

Sorry for this (I guess) newbie question.

What doesn’t work in the Patch Manager?

The files to replace are located here:

  • 1008/MultiSynth2/Sounds/BasicSampler-sound/wave-bsamp.wav
  • BS FX PB/sound.wav

…with the Patch Manager, delete the originals and upload your files with the same names as the deleted files.

Chrisk, thank u so much!
Beginner mistake…
Forget to rename the file. Stupid…
Thanks for helping beginners, highly appreciated :slight_smile:

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