Batteries protect against mains power loss?

It’s known that suddenly cutting the power to these sorts of units can brick them - does the team think that having batteries installed would protect against that? Does it switch over?

It’s inevitable it’s going to happen a some point - cable gets knocked out, whatever. I don’t want to test it without knowing obvs.

Yes, the Organelle M auto-detects where the power is coming from. It first checks for external power and then to batteries if external power is removed.

RE: ‘bricking’ - this is unlikely because the OS partition is ‘read-only’ so no files are written to it, removing the chance of file corruption. (If you are recording audio or a sequence when power is removed, you will probably lose that, because the storage partition on SD card or USB storage are read/write and the file will probably not be finished writing if power is removed.)

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Thanks, that’s good news. I’m going to try it then…because it’s bound to happen at the worst possible time :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair, I’ve never ruined a Raspberry Pi this way, but you hear stories don’t you. I was always surprised by these, as I thought the journaling file system would prevent it, aside from as you say some data loss.