Bluetooth Dongle, Power Supply in Europe, USB Peripheral Power

Hey Boyz,

is it possible to use a Bluetooth Dongle with the Organelle? I want to Code with my Apple Mouse and Keyboard.
Would be super portable to do so… :slight_smile:

…another question is iam in Germany and using a 9 V 1500 MA power supply and its working really well with the Organelle and the Usb Ports etc. is it dangerous for the Organelle to use this Supply?

Its a switching Power Supply.

all the best… :wink:

Hi, I just ordered mine so I can’t say anything about bluetooth support, but I will try it as soon as mine will arive :slightly_smiling:

About the power supply: The MusicStore is suggesting this power supply for the Organelle (;pgid=ar1gare8kHVSRpYA9JqiUdy60000o2l3dAOY). Don’t now if the 1500 MA makes a difference .-.

Here the product page where they suggest that supply (;pgid=ar1gare8kHVSRpYA9JqiUdy60000o2l3dAOY).

More Info in this thread also: Organelle world usage question

…yeah…iam using the Original One with a converter to fit the european socket. :slightly_smiling:

…at least it will give you more power to the USB outputs, so you will have more power for peripherals.


We’ve used wireless mouse & keyboard combinations to program on directly on Organelle. We haven’t tried to use an Apple Bluetooth mouse or keyboard yet. Let us know how it goes!

As for powering the Organelle, this is from page 13 of the Organelle Manual:

You can use a supply that provides more than 1000mA, but not less. When using the power supply that the Organelle ships with, one of the USB ports can provide a maximum 500mA, but not both.

Any bluetooth dongle suggestions for the Organelle? I’d like to try using the Wiimotes to play the Organelle. Has anybody tried this?