Can't get Organelle M to connect to my wifi network

I’ve been able to successfully add my network’s name and password to my stored networks, however when I try to connect, it says “Problem Connecting”. Am I missing something? I CAN get my computer to connect to the “Organelle” network and start the AP and VNC into the Organelle M however I can’t get the Organelle M to connect to the wifi in my house. I’m running OS 4.0 as well.

Thanks for confirming that the AP works!

What type of WiFi router are you trying to connect to? if it is operating at 5 GHz it won’t work, it needs to be 2.4 GHz. usually if it does 5, it can also be set to do 2.4. also could be the security settings on the router. it should be WPA2.

Ok I think that’s my issue. My connection is 5G

Ok my modem can do both 5G and 2.4. In order to separate the two, I renamed both networks. The password security setting is WPA2, however the Organelle still can’t connect. Can the wifi name have spaces in it? Does it need to be a single word?

I think a network name has to be minimum of 8 characters. For simplicity, can you try a name without spaces?

I had a similar issue when upgrading my v1 to os4. I had to match the caps of ssid in my WiFi config text file. Not sure if that is what fixed it.