Capture : record/resample audio from any patch

Hello :v:

This is my first contribution to the Organelle, i think i’m in love with it… but since day one i missed the ability to record internally, so i worked on Capture :

It adds 2 files to every patch so it becomes possible to record/resample from anywhere by pressing AUX while holding the Selection Encoder Button (details explained on the patchstorage page), all captures are saved into a same folder, the 24 last ones can be played and monitored with a patch.

EDIT#3 : i’m sorry the sound wasn’t good, also the install process was a pain, now it should be clean, there’s less compression and it’s well packed into a .zop installer/updater that installs on every factory preset and places the addon into sdcard/data/capture, it won’t erase previous captures (do not install with an USB drive connected, place the installer into sdcard/Patches then run it on the Organelle).

Here’s the link with details :

And there is the same for ORAC :



Cool idea …

Can I offer some thoughts/suggestions on the orac implementation

I’d advise against overwriting existing files or changing my custom mother.pd as these change every release - so you’ll have to update every time I update - and if you don’t you’ll break peoples orac install.
Eg imagine when I release 2.1, if you have not yet altered your release and a user then installs, my 2.1 now has an old mother version !

This really concerns me, as it could lead to me getting bug reports about orac with are nothing to do with my code … so are going to be hard to diagnose :frowning:
( users will forget to mentioned they’d install this :wink: )

I think it would be better to implement this as a module - this would also allow users to record separate tracks.

And/or if you want it more integrated then you could release it as a router module - this would mean you would not have to use a slot.
I see no reason for loss of functionality this way.

Note: the encoder+aux key is already used for module select


Thanks for your suggestions, I see your point and I agree, I’m removing the mother.pd mod (from the ORAC version) for now, and I will make it a module instead, as it was in the first versions. :v:

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I’ve just updated to v1.4 (just need to run the .zop installer again) :

i think my work is over on the Organelle version, the compressor/limiter is now up to my expectations (finally i added a ‘1ms lookahead’ to the limiter, so the sound is properly maximized) wich was the most important.

I should have wait until it’s solid before publishing it, i’ll try not to make the same mistake for future patches.

Next step will be the ORAC record module, i’ll post here when it’s done. :v:


And i’ve just updated the ORAC version, it now includes 2 modules : a minimalist recorder (with compressor/limiter) and a sampler to play with captures, more details in the description. :v:

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