Changing HDMI Output Screen Resolution

Is there a setting on the monitor you can change? Usually there is a menu setting called Picture Size or something similar…

Nope it’s a TV screen, not really a monitor.

There’s no menu setting like that at all? Even from your remote?

I will be able to try that only after November 13th. I’ll be touring until then.

As far as I know, one changes screen resolution on the computer, not on the monitor. So, I assume there is some way of doing this on a Linux machine as well. Even if I could change screen size on the TV, this would mean I’d have to scroll the display to see the whole screen.

It is workable as it is, but I need to get really intimate with the screen. :slight_smile:

w/o any device attached your tv should allow you to access a menu & change it’s display settings

no scrolling necessary

It is possible to change the resolution to 720p (and possibly others), but there is no user friendly way of doing so. First you will need to set the Organelle filesystem in read/write mode. Open a terminal and run:

mount -o remount,rw /

Then edit the file /boot/uEnv.txt and change this segment:


to this


Use caution editing /boot/uEnv.txt, if it gets messed up the machine will not boot, so it is probably a good idea to make a copy before editing.


Thank you so much! I’ll try this tonight.

Am having an intensely fun and creative period with my Organelle, both with patches you create and my own patches. Thank you!!!

@oweno Do you know the max resolution you can have with the Organelle? The screen I want to attach it to is a 4K monitor (2160p) or is this pushing my luck a little bit too far!

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Hmm, I’ve never tried above 1080p. I think this is the highest.


i `m completely new in PD and programming and i got the same problem:
I tried to connect the Organelle to an HP w1907 Monitor with an hdmi to vga adapter and the Monitor says " Input Signal out of range, change settings 1440*900" !!!
I read your comment about changing the resolution, but i don´t understand it how ti fix it.
Please Help -Mayday- SOS


Already all cleared with the help of a friend !

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I did this. Now how do I change the sd card back to read only?

I tried typing in mount -o remount,r / but that did not work. Sorry I am not that good in Linux :slight_smile:

you can run


which is actually just a 1 line script that does this:

mount / -o remount,ro

you can also just reboot and it will be read only again

Thanks. I tried 1280x720@30, 1280x720@60,1280x720@50 and 1920x1080@30 but no luck getting it to work with my Blackmagic Mini Recorder :frowning:

Too bad :frowning: Would be such a nice way to use it on the go. All my Pies work.

Btw: Mine say if=RGB24,bpp=16 not 32.

Did you try those settings from the Organelle being powered down? There is communication between devices in HDMI connection. The Blackmagic and/or the Organelle may not be expecting an update to the settings…

Rebooted and confirmed it worked on my tv, rebootet again with the Organelle being connected to my blackmagic, no luck :frowning:

Nice to know it worked for your TV. There’s something ‘off’ about the blackmagic gear sometimes…

Yeah I’ve heard they can be a bit picky. Are there any more settings with a hdmi signal other than frame rate and resolution? Is there some color space or something else that has to match? Or are we out of settings to try?

I got this back from Blackmagic:

"Hi Kristoffer,

Thank you for contacting Blackmagic support.

It sounds as though the Organelle device may not be outputting a broadcast standard signal.
The UltraStudio Mini Recorder only supports broadcast standard formats and any signal that falls outside of this range will not be accepted by the unit.
As such it is possible that an incompatibility could be the cause of the behaviour.

It is worth noting that 1280 x 720p30 is not a standard broadcast format and is not supported by the Mini Recorder.

You may wish to try passing the signal through an alternative device before inputting it into the Mini Recorder.

You may wish to try using something like an HDMI splitter to connect to both a monitor and the UltraStudio at the same time.
Some devices, like PS4’s will reset their output resolution and frame rate each time a new monitor is connected."

@KristofferLislegaard thanks for the information.
We got that resolution working with the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle:

The Organelle HDMI output has worked on so many other devices (capture cards, monitors, tvs, projectors, HDMI-to-Composite converters). Some of the Blackmagic gear must just be too picky about the source video since it is the exception and not the rule.