ChaosMonster for Organelle

This patch is an exercise for conquering the limitation of pages and knobs. Via a X/Y Grid system for Parameter adjustment and preset saving. This will open the door to instruments with more parameters and frees me from the 10 page programming leviathan :-). There are 5 oscillators with [FM, PITCH, PHASE,MODULATION, and RINGMOD & VOLUME]

Main Parameter Headings of: RINGMOD, MOD DISTORTION, FM SMOOTHING, MODDELAY & DELAY TIME] are broken out into individual control as well as available in the Grid

a 4/4 [16 slot] preset system is also implemented.

My Favorite key [60] initiates the SAVE.

This patch is based on the genius of Martin Brinkmann. I have learned so much over the years from him and i am sure the Organelle community will share my joy as we explore his incredible forward thinking pd patches together.