Character set of Organelle?


Does someone knows the full character set for the Organelle display?
Is it capable of the whole ASCII set?



looking at the code , its just plain ascii 32-127, so no extended ascii
… ive not tried to render everything, but id assume its standard, as its using a common 5x8 array to do it.


i think i’ll do a simple patch which displays the 95 plain ascii characters to
see whats coming up.


I checked it out, no extended characters only plain ascii.

working characters:


not working:

; , \


& looks like °


actually these work fine, I suspect your hitting a PD issue, as these are all special characters in pd.
e.g. I can create files with these names and mother host displays correctly.

the ampersand, is indeed rendered as you mention, even by mother host, so thats in the font file.


yep its PD which does not accept the ; , \ in message boxes.
but now i know what goes and how :slight_smile: