Chordelay - Create a chord from a note

Hey Friends, just created essentially a better version of the ‘delay octaver’ I did before, but rewrote it from scratch.

– Choose a direction in which you are pitch shifting the notes (up or down)
– Choose the notes you are pitch shifting to using the organelle note keys (m7, sus4, octaves etc).
– Choose the delay times of each pitch shifted note
– Choose the volume of each pitch shifted note.

There are a few slots left for different chords that can be configured. Am I missing any that you would like to see in the patch? They can be pretty easily added.


This is fantastic! It’s the Bon Iver-y vocal processor some people were asking for but with a different twist on the keyboard with preset chords instead of chromatic. Amazing job man. Does anyone know how i could set one of the free keys to give a ‘clean’ pass signal?

You can go from clean to not clean right now by turning down the volumes of all but the first voice.

If you wanted to code it so it does it from a button, you could make one of the buttons send a [0] message to the volume of the other 3 pitch shifted voices! I could probably do that quite quickly.

Any other presets you’d like?

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I will give that a crack. Other preset ideas, hmmm… I can’t think of any chords not covered really! Maybe a setting where the three voices are like 0.1 out of the root tuning, giving a thick pulse width mod kinda detuned sound. Not sure! Maybe it wouldn’t work. Great job here man x

I’m getting no sound from this patch what so ever. What could I be doing wrong?

Are you inputting sound into it? This doesn’t generate sound, merely maniplates the input. The other possibility is that you turned down the volumes of all the delays and original on the second page?