Clip Launcher

I’m adapting Megalon´s “Ableton Clip Launcher” for Organelle and so far it’s working fine but I need some help for a couple things. First I want to be able to select the samples from the orac kits: /sdcard/media/samples. If you check the patch so far the text has loaded the 24 samples on kit-3 which I loaded one by one through “openpanel -> text set sampler-file-paths” and then saved it. Could it be possible to just load the path from an entire kit to the text file? How could I do that? After achieving that you would just select the kit with the 4th knob which I already mapped.

The second question I have is how could I change the time signature measure? Right now it counts to 4 for 4/4 time before changing to the next clip.

This is the adapted patch so far: Clip (28.4 KB)

Any help and other ideas are really great and appreciated :slight_smile: