Combine Patches

Hello Team,

I might be being a tad thick here, but I’m going to post it anyway…

Is it possible to combine patches? I can’t see how this would be possible without making a specific patch in PD, but I was sure the Organelle product video stated this was possible.

Anyway, I am sure that you guys will confirm my suspicion, but I think it would be really great to have a patch that was kind of like a Master & Slave set up, where it didn’t actually have any function other than to make a relationship between two other patches.



I want to jump in this thread because I’ve been asking a similar thing and have never really gotten a response.

I’ve generally been interested in the same thing. Is there a relatively straight forward way to add functions available on one patch to another in pd? For example how hard would it be for me to add a sequencer page or arpeggiator page to the Glass FM patch, or add a presets page to the grids patch? In my eyes being able to add these functions to other patches would increase the functionality of my Organelle by degrees of magnitude

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In my mind, I think of a patch that works the same was as AudioBus on the iPad - just a patch to make others communicate with one another…

i created a patch that combines the phase vocoder and the grain delay as well as a few simple effects. it was a lot of work reorganizing the patches and rerouting audio and control streams.
the main challenge (which i havent solved yet completely) is to create multiple parameter pages for fx, grains and pvoc. now i am just switching the routing (and display) of the knobs but thats not really satisfying as it produces value jumps when you switch pages because the knobs send data even if you dont touch them because of the slight fluctuation they constantly produce. usually not a problem but annoying when you switch back and forth between patameter pages. i have solution in mind but have not implemented it.


Combining patches is a good method. some of patches out there more easily combined than others, of course in Pd there are many ways to do things, so it would be good to come up with a framework that would easily allow things like paging knobs…

@jpiringer , one quick way to lock the knobs is to use a functionality provided by the mother.pd patch. You can send a ‘lock’ signal to each knob to suppress its output until you move it a bit. send a bang to ‘knob1Override’ to suppress knob1 until it is touched. (there is an override signal for each knob 1-4) Then when you change pages, first send bangs to lock the knobs, then change pages:

[t b b]
[change page] [lock knobs]

This will keep the params from jumping around while you change pages…

sounds intriguing! would you care to share that patch? many thanks!

i am planning to do that but it needs a little more work.
now it’s still too messy and buggy.

i will check out the lock signal. thanks oweno for making me aware of that!


Has anyone figured out the best way to do this? Is it as simple as dragging everything into one pd instance? I own an Organelle, but thought it would be fun to try on various single board computers and to try on the new iPhone app PdParty. But these seem to only want to open one pd file at a time. Can you combine the mother.pd file into a synth engine file and create an all-in-one for these?