Combining the etc with touchdesigner

hello, maybe a stupid question:
does anyone know if it would be possible to patch via tochdesinger visuals together and then put it into a mode on the etc?
both are working on python. so far i know,
but i can´t program yet.^^

i have my student researchers learning TD this semester. We’ll see.

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I did read the TD description only cursorily, but I assume, that the biggest problem will be, that TD relies on using a modern multicore highspeed computer with gigabytes of RAM, whilest the ETC is a slow single core micro processor and has the RAM-size of a computer from 1999.
So even if you would succeed in making the ETC understand the TD’s code, the code will overload the ETC quite sure.


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You don’t need to buy the fastest CPU, but get the best NVIDIA graphics card with the most graphics RAM you can afford. TouchDesigner can use a lot of CPU RAM, so get as much as possible.