Compiling a new set of .pd_linux externals


I am ready to test a fractal[henon, gingerbread] fractal noise thing but the externals in the release are the wrong ELFCLASS64
can someone help me out who has linux and compile these against the TWO BIG EARS

these give the error WRONG ELFCLASS64

but here is the source.
hopefully someone can do this

Hi @shreeswifty,
Thanks for the patches on patchstorage you are sharing, they’re brilliant! Very visceral and unusual sounds - really enjoying them. I was wondering if you could add more detail to your descriptions of the controls on the patches? Randomness is great but the fun for me is dancing between having control of and being surprised by electronic instruments. For instance, can you elaborate on the control the keys give you over the 3 generators in BLEEPCNTRL or the keys in BYTE? Once again, thankyou and kudos!

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ok sure.
Bleep control is three identities as the menu kind of states
break up the areas and look at the organelle and instead of seeing them as wooden note circles
i wanted to make areas of differing modular sizes and control 5notes 7 notes or 12 notes in different combinations or just individually
I very much enjoyed the feel of the smoothness of the organelle keys and how i could almost break up controlling areas with three fingers with the sections of my fingers so it became about playing the instruments and adding the parameters to be exposed to the player really by hearing and audition

If you mean individual like what does this key do they all do a combination of timing and pitch interactions some toggles are hidden in the playing keys that lock the instrument into what i like to call ‘a vibe’ <–technical term and then i start tweaking.

Thanks for your response. I think I see, so the keys trigger somewhat random outcomes?