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Hello everyone,
I am trying to connect eyesy with my Lenovo 7 inch android tablet which has USB-C. I bought video capture card with USB and HDMI, and
connected to eyesy, but nothing happened. Does anyone have ideas? App should be needed but I could not find right one.

Can you confirm the tablet’s USB-C port is capable of doing HDMI video input?

What are you trying to do?

The hdmi output of the Eyesy is going into a capture card.

That capture card is going into an OTG cable connected to your tablet.

So you are trying to send the output of the Eyesy and make it appear on your tablet?

Looking at the app store for usb capture apps brings up a bunch of rather dodgy looking apps.

Without an app to capture the incoming usb feed it won’t display anything on the tablet.

Thank you for reply! The USB-C port of Lenovo comes with OTG function, so it should be OK for video input.

Thank you for reply! That’s exactly what I want to do. I have tried some apps of USB capture, but did not work. …I will try some other apps too!

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Do post the app that works if you find one.

This looks like it might offer the functionality you’re looking for.

This feels like rather an edge case use of the tablet so it might not be possible either in terms of the hardware or software.

Many android devices with OTG don’t have the ability to output video so I imagine it might also be the case that they can’t handle video input.

Thanks for reply and again decent advise!

I agree with the unstable move of dodgy apps for android tab, so this kind of use should be optional. .

So far apps named FPViewer seems like working, as far as viewing point but not sure about right behavior…

Any way I will test for more.


2021年5月20日(木) 21:15 Edward Rapley via Critter & Guitari <>:

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And also with OTG, which I don’t know about well. Thanks for letting know us the fact!

2021年5月20日(木) 21:48 Shingo Endo <>:

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And with my poor Eng🙈

2021年5月20日(木) 21:52 Shingo Endo <>:

And in case if this topic looks like something regards to skeptical things like hacking , I am just trying to my music with eyesy on the tablet and get on my Instagram. Sorry for my lack of explanation!