Cooled~ randomizing micro sampler~

Pure Data is Definitely In Pieces

The power of your oppression is the aesthetic of our anger.

Yves Degoyan was a Master of Pd programming
When i first encountered they on the Pd list in 1995 and i wanted to run a specific AMAZING External they had authored i asked when there would be a Windows Version.

“Never, Boot Linux”

We make things the way we want for the things we want. Your order is not my direction, unless i choose it.

Here is a gift handed down over the generations. It’s called “cooled~”

It is a BETA.

You can add soundfiles [little ones] into the /sf folder. I’ve added a few already.

Aux 1 will load new ones, be patient because it reads them into a buffer so you can do fun things

The playing notes on the Organelle are related to MIDI notes from left to right the little brown circles
go from 60____________to----------------->83

60 will start random play
61 will stop random play
62 will divide the micro sample >1
63 <1
64 /2
65 *2

Aux 2 is vanilla play

there are sliders on page 2 for the flanger

83 will change the LFO Length several times

it may crash —>beta


cool samples! no crashes as yet. :slight_smile:

you can press the >1, <1, *2, /2 multiple times and it might even stop the playback then move the start/end again to restart.

There is a possibility that if it’s randomizing the multiply/divides won’s have a huge effect so you can stop randomizings and have it just play forward to experiment with glitch sizes.