Copyright on visuals?

Hi ! I’m curious if there is any sort of restrictions on using the mode visuals from the ETC in other commercial media? Like, if someone were to perform on a TV show and wanted to use the ETC to generate accompanying visuals, is that OK?


Hi - Great question! No, there is no copyright on the imagery.


I think we should distinguish between the graphics that are generated by “pygame.draw…” instructions, and the possible use of picture files.
The generated graphics are free for sure.
But the picture files always can be covered by various rights (the copyright is not the only right that might affect us).
Critter&Guitari do not deliver picture files, so they can say, that the results are free.
But as soon as you will use image files in self written modes or downloaded modes, you are responsible to assure, that these images are free (at least as soon as you get into the public with the ETC-projections)


@fanwander Yes, thank you adding that clarification.

To be more specific @chrisfarren, any imagery generated directly from the ETC using modes that Critter & Guitari release are free to use. (This includes the image modes we have released too). As @fanwander pointed out, an ETC user will need to make sure they have the rights to or permission to use any images from sources outside of the C&G releases.

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thanks for the responses! here’s the performance if anyone’s interested


Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.