i want to make the first .zop file for the new granular synth
if i have the files i want in the /usbdrive/install_fluidflow~ directory

is it just ./create_install_package_sh install_fluidflow~ ?



yes - assuming you don’t have any special deployment criteria.
well actually it’ll be ~/scripts/

note: id recommend against using any special characters (like ~) in patch names
especially tilde gives its special meaning in shell scripts, whist usually ok, its kind asking for trouble if other software doesn’t escape them properly…

also no point in calling it ‘install_blah’ … as when you see it on the organelle it will already tell you to
’install install_blah’… and if its an old fashion installer then its unnecessary , you would merely do the install in the zop install process, no point in getting a user to ‘install’ this package, then run it once unpacked to install the real thing… thats just confusing.
… if you need to put stuff in a shell script to install, you merely have to put that in the ‘
(look at what ive done with say MEC… though its a bit different, as i want it to go in the system folder)

also id recommend against installing libraries into places like /usr/lib… try to keep them local.

the more we have ‘applications/patches’ putting thing in /usr/lib (or adding to system patchs), the more change they will break other things… i.e. we will start getting issues where users run different combinations of things, and they dont work (due to versioning) , but we wont know why, because they wont remember they have install packaged x, y and z…


well this .so needs to go in /usr/lib
the rest of the stuff i have not been following, sorry
i don’t know what MEC is


i have actually three .so files that need to go in /usr/lib for them to work properly
if you have an alternative location you think they might work in please let me know and i’ll try that before installing them there.

i can share them if you want to do it so it does not break things but otherwise I’ll make an old fashioned install_blah


and currently we have


i will have install_csound

coming up
what do you think?


why do these not work in the patch directory? .so can usually be loaded from the current directory if the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly, which I think Id assume is what -path is likely doing on PD… (given pd_linux are just .so files with a different extension :wink: )

this would avert the potential issues related to versioning and dependancies.