Creating audio delay

Hi ETC gang.

I love my little ETC and use it with various gear to make epic visuals however because of my routing and the processing required by the ETC I notice a slight lag in the visual response.

Does anyone know how I can introduce a slight delay (like milliseconds) in the audio going to my monitors to create a better sync between the audio and visuals?

Just to answer my own question…

I’m using the ETC with an Octatrack and didn’t realise I could use the inbuilt delay effect to offset the main outs.

I did this by using two Thru machines. One that feeds the ETC audio input and one that feeds my main outs (monitors).

1st Thru Machine (going to ETC through the OTs Cue outs):
Use Filter effect to add LPF to emphasise kicks so the ETC responds to bass hits.
Cue the track and mute it’s main output so it doesn’t go to monitors, only ETC.

2nd Thru Machine (going to main outs):
Use Delay effect. Switch Delay DIR to 0 and adjust TIME parameter to offset audio being sent to main outs.

Now the ETC and output audio should be beautifully in sync!

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