Cuckoo and Organelle

I really enjoy Cuckoo and his prolific synth demos, but I have yet to see him demo an Organelle. I know the Internet is a vast space, so maybe I just missed the one time he did this. Can anyone out there point to an Organelle demo done by Cuckoo?


Look it up

Don’t think he has one.

I’m considering taking my Organelle to superbooth , and showing to a few creators (*) - perhaps I can drum up some interest - show them some of the newer stuff that’s been released.

perhaps use C&G fantastic user patches as examples of community patches.
Which c&g ones should I show?
( I’m not really up in the latest ones, been busy ;))

I think with something like then organelle it’s useful if the community helps ‘spread the word’ - especially as these guys tend to focus on new gear - rather than developments on existing gear :frowning:

(*) actually I’m taking it as I’ve got one creator interested in Orac :wink:


No need to be a dick man.

Thanks bear, I couldn’t find one, which is why I posted here: if anybody would know, this forum would! There are some fantastic patches out there, and some fantastic creators! I think Cuckoo, like any creative person, has his own individual take on instruments, patches, work flows, etc, and I have appreciated seeing certain instruments “through his eyes”. I love the Organelle but am still interested to hear what he would do with it. Let’s hope the superbooth exposure gets some cool exposure. Good luck with that, and I hope some video can find its way back here, too!


I showed cuckoo some videos of my organelle playing some of his patreon released samples through ‘bashfest’ more than a year ago and he was hyped, but i didn’t get much of a rise out of him when I entolled the virtues of the open source, unlimited organelle - which surprised me. Especially given his later (recent) interest in the Empress Zoia, which in comparison i feel is more tame. I’m guessing most of the GAS influencers are more likely to review/feature gear if they get a freebie and some sponsorship.


I completely agree with your assessment here. I felt/feel the same way about the Synthstrom Deluge and the Organelle.

While he did do a video taking a look at the Deluge during Superbooth and then recently did a small 1 min video jam on his channel in January, I had hoped that he would do a deep dive on it. I suppose there’s still time for that, especially with the new v3 fw update coming soon. Fingers crossed I guess lol.

But really, the lack of any Organelle content, that Im aware of at least, I find really surprising, as to me, it seems like something that he might really be interested in, It for sure leaves me a little saddened, but like I noted, your analysis seems to be quite pertinent to the situation.

Hopefully our patience will reward us in due time.


I think its a bit the nature of the beast…
once you have a larger subscriber base, you probably need to keep it a bit more general/short and new gear always is exciting/fresh… and in fairness, doing just this keeps these youtubers very busy!

thats where something like the Organelle will struggle, its what I’d call a ‘slow burn’

initially, when released it - gets a bit of buzz…
but of course, it has limited number of patches, its potential is not met
then 2 years down the line, things have moved on… but who is interested in doing a ‘fresh look’ at the Organelle as it’s an ‘old’ product.

(also Organelle is a bit more technical than many products, so harder to get into initially )

this is why I was so grateful to Loopop for featuring Orac 1.0 last year…
he really does view things a bit different and is much more thorough than most, and whilst he gets all the new stuff, and reviews it - he is every bit as interested in existing stuff, and how to use in it new ways, and is good with technical gear - extremely cool
(we see this time and again, eg his recent Morphagene video, Squarp pyramid)

but I think, unfortunately, Loopop is the exception.
for others, I think we can only keep demonstrating, perhaps explore where it’s going… why its unique, explaining its not an op-1, and that is not a bad thing :wink:

does it matter anyway? well not directly to us, Organelle is a secret gem
(though I do get quite a lot of messages from people you have ‘just discovered it’, so its still gaining a following)

it really only matters to C&G - obviously if they got a more exposure, it’ll create more sales, more revenue/profit - which is cool, they deserve it.
and I guess ultimately some of that would get put back into product development, so I guess we also win at that point :slight_smile:


I would love if one of these vlog guys would do a demo of the organelle. In my view the instrument can only become more valuable (to us too) by having more users. If it has a big following, more people with the creative skills to make patches will use it as a platform for their efforts, more people will be suggesting ideas for patches and sharing their music. Everyones a winner!

To be honest though, recently c&g have been doing a great job of representing the organelle in the new patch videos and the ‘fantastic patches’ video series. The videos have a strong visual aesthetic and show the patches well. Couldn’t hurt to slip a certain couple of vloggers a freebie tho i guess.


I’d show Zone, Euclidean Rhythms, ypolymenti, CA Filter, Mutations 23, ITUQ, Jeraphy, with an iphone/ipad plugged to the input for demoing samplers and effects. Plus maybe a drum machine or something for it to play with.

I asked Cuckoo recently how the Organelle compared to the Empress Zoia - I figured he would have been all over it but he said he’d still not really used one. I was eyeing up the options and alternatives and like you though that Cuckoo would be a great guy to explain the differences / features etc. I’v been eyeing this magic blue box for a couple year now and just took the plunge and ordered one. It feels right. Can’t wait for it to turn up.


The blessing and curse of a vlog „star“. I just can imagine how many person ask cockoo to do a video of some synth/audio device. Not to mention all the producers of this kind of gear. Then as @thetechnobear wrote, to keep your audience watching you need to demo the newest and freshest hype out in the market.

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I’m back reading this thread months later and am still wishing we’d see a real Cuckoo review of Organelle. Your comment to “slip a certain couple of vloggers a freebie” is just so right. I have to wonder if C&G have honestly considered doing this?

Have a feeling someone like Andrew Huang would appreciate the more experimental side of the organelle (spectral effects/constant gardner/mutations 23/ITUQ etc) + orac’s powerful modular capabilities.

Using Organelle, is 75% Pure Data knowledge and then 25% knowledge about the device itself.

Organelle is sooo versatile and deep and can serve so many purposes, that a single tutorial doesn’t make a lot of sense, it would require a whole series about it.

There are several Loopop videosm that show some of what it can do, though.

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