Curve~ from GEM library not working?

has anyone tried using GEM objects in their organelle pd patches?

i currently have a patch that uses the [curve~] object (basically a line~ with variable exponential/logarithmic curvature). i have been including the Gem.pd_linux object into my patch folder and can’t seem to get the patch to run properly on the organelle.

i’ve stripped down the patch to just one oscillator with curve~ providing an envelope and still have nothing.

any ideas? @thetechnobear? @oweno?

here’s the simplified troubleshooting patch.

main.pd (637 Bytes)

where is Gem.pd_linux from? it needs to be compiled for Organelle, if it was a desktop Pd version it will not work. Is curve~ a graphics object? or just audio? would it be the same one as here:

these are Pd extended objects compiled for Organelle. curve~.pd_linux is in cyclone library

ah, that’s the issue…

[curve~] is from cyclone, [curve] is from GEM.

all working as expected with the cyclone object, thanks for helping to clarify that!