Custom Organelles

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my custom Organelle with all of you! It’s a bit thrown together and shabby but I’m proud of how it came out :slight_smile: I recently got a bunch of stickers of my band logo, the Octadog, and plastered them all over and put some Mod Podge over it to seal it. I found myself putting multiple coats and sanding it down gradually which distressed some of the stickers.

Looking back, I probably would have opted for a regular gloss clear coat instead of Mod Podge as it has a slightly different texture and would have kept the stickers a little more pristine but the slightly distressed look is also cool. I may put another coat of clear coat to seal it further but as my art teacher once told me, great is the enemy of good/done so I’ve decided to leave it for now. If anyone else has modded out or personalized their Organelles, I would love to see them!


I added small eye bolts to attach a strap, which allows it to hang at waist level for free-roaming keytar style use. I used nyloc nuts inside so the eyebolts won’t loosen and can be twisted around to whatever orientation. The last pic is from a January performance here in minneapolis - can’t see it super well, but the organelle in use with a battery powered backpack amplifier. With that kind of fucking around I wasn’t about to risk dropping the organelle, and the strap frees both hands for playing and knob-twisting.


That’s a pretty Organelle!

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