Dangerous use of a powered usb hub?

Since I’m experimenting with my Monome Grid, I’m using a powered USB hub.
When I use the normal shutdown process, it’s stuck at 99%, removing the regular power plug dosn’t shut down the unit. I have to unplug the USB hub so it shuts down. It seems that the USB port powers Organelle. It’s a bit scary.
Am I right to be scared ? Should I stop using this powered Hub, or is it expected ?

Many powered USB hubs will source current back to the host (backfeeding) even though they are not supposed to do this. You want to get a powered USB hub that doesn’t backfeed. Here is one such hub:



This has historically been a problem with the Raspberry Pi mini computer, which is why many Raspberry Pi shops carry these powered hubs that are known to not backfeed, and they should be a great choice for the Organelle as well.


Thanks. Would you advice to not use them until I’ve got a proper one ?

Yeah, I’d say avoid that hub for now. If the Organelle still functions normally, I’m sure nothing is damaged, but the behavior you describe when using the hub sounds worrisome…