Doubling input when recording on orac

I’m facing input issues on orac :
when I try to record the input (overloop), since I have to adjust the input volume on Parallel and then on the patch its own input volume, the audio output phase and stack making monitoring a bit painful for my ear, and above all, it sounds bad.

Am I processing the signal fine ?

Generally that issue seems to concerns most of the recorder modules with monitoring parameters such as volume knob.
I don’t know if it can be related but I’m listening through headphone output.
To give an other example of that issue, when i’m using ´buffershuffler’ on a sound module it seems that the line input is audible even if the effect is 100% wet…

in fact, I have the feeling that the organelle stream continuously the input through the output, and input knobs on recorder modules (I mean not the module named recorder but every module that record samples) just seems to add the same signal, like it was a bus send…

I apologize in advance if I was not very clear, my english is pretty bad.