Dr OM Pedal Drone reverb tester


Aux turns it on page 1

seriously ace!

Very nice. Next stop got to be an emulation of the drone to end all drones - the Grendel Drone Commander. Which is a lovely thing indeed - one of my favourite toys to play with. The manual provides a remarkably straightforward description of what it does - but the magic of it in operation is…magical http://rarewaves.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Grendel-Drone-Commander-Classic-Pedal-User-Guide.pdf

This has some really nice sounds. The only tweak (if its possible) I’d make would be for the oscillators to not have stepped values. The beauty of the drones I find is often in the gaps in between… Much less important for the LFO/resonance/mix…

Edit: checking the iOS app, get that they chose (for simplicity I guess) to quantise the oscillators to notes. Would be good to have the option on this emulation to turn quantising on/off.

yeah this is a direct translation, what i like the most is the schroeder reverb it sounds nice but not too metallic