Dude you dont know MIDI

Hey guys, I purchased a 7$ MIDI USB cable to connect my Organelle to my MPC1000. What am I supposed to do now? haha

But really, is there a specific patch that you might suggest I should try first?
I honestly dont even know how to properly connect it on the MPC side of things. Hmmmm
I am assuming I will want my MPC1000 to be the host or the time keeper whatever.
Damn, its a new world! Of synchronization!

Thank you in advance for any input or advice!


You want to make sure the setup is working first. connect the MIDI output of MPC to the input of Organelle MIDI cable and try playing some notes on the MPC and firing up a simple patch like Sampler Style on the Organelle. you should hear sounds getting triggered… but have to make sure they are also on the same channel (on Organelle there is a System menu command under Settings to change default MIDI channel)

also, MIDI implementation might be different for some patches, the C&G official patches try to be consistent, but a patch can ignore MIDI completely if whoever made it that way

Awesome, Thank you sir for your time and advice. I’m off to the races and I’ll report back with my findings.
You’re the man dude!

Here is my thank you for your product! This is my setup and how I use it. FUN
Made today!


cool! thanks for sharing. great to see the VF-1 in there, many fond memories …