DUST; Geodesic Growth


Lofi static / vibrato fx. Drifting 4 voice poly synth.



radioactive particles
geodesic growth patterns

AUX to map octave

notes to activate triangle generator

knob 1 :: muon generator

knob 2 :: voltage overtones

knob 3 :: shift rate

knob 4 :: shift amount

requires Organelle OS v3


Great patch, very playable. Love the visual GUI. :smiley:


amazing! can it be modified to vary the pitch of an auxiliary input?


Yeah. It also can be used as an effect. There is always a little bit of noise + pitch shift going on as well as some saturation, so there is no real way to get a clean signal through.


that sounds really great, thanks for sharing.
Latching the tone by a longpress of the Aux-Button would be awesome :slight_smile:


cool! it’s wonderful as an effect too.



Very nice, cool atmosphere… lost in the dust…




Love the graphics on this one
Like the old windows screen saver


Guess I should sell my Melusine III.
Killer job!


You had me at the name. Very into all things RBF!


this is a great patch, here’s a track I made using it going then in my pedalboard :


That sounds great.


this is lovely.

must not get distracted from work and start making music


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: