Eliminate stepping from [r exp]

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I am trying to use my expression pedal as a volume pedal for a guitar effects chain I am building for the Organelle. I just can’t seem to eliminate a noticeable stepping and have tried [line] but this doesn’t seem to do the trick. I tried adding a [lop~] object but the problem is this is feeding the right inlet of an [*~] object which doesn’t like audio connections. I did wonder if this had anything to do with the limited range of the pedal I am using (expr min 95 to expr max 555) (see Organelle OS 3.1 TB Beta).

Any other suggestions?

seems not too bad , you still have ~450 step resolution , 2-3x more than midi :wink:

have you looked in mother.pd /r exp to see what ranges your getting out?
if you have set the min/max right, then you should see 0 to 1.

it will never be above the resolution , i.e in your case, you would expect to see steps of 1/450 , this you will then want to smooth out
personally if your getting stepping , id look to graph the output, so you can see where the issue is occurring.

what do you mean? this should work… i do this all the time , as midi is so low resolution

I get 0 to 1, that side of things is fine.

Ahhhh, my bad. I was trying to feed it into [*~ 1] because I wanted the volume to default to 1 if no expression pedal was plugged in. It works with [ *~ ].

Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

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