Equinox Deflektor Synth

“i need every bad bitch up in Equinox, gonna find out if your’e a freak or not”
—Kanye West





fixed a ton of bugs!!!
Added new menus!

This new and updated version is awesome!!! So many possibilities, and the depths… oh the depths.

But I made the mistake of replacing the original one and still would like to be able to play it and take advantage of those bug for sonic wandering. Any chance anyone has a copy still laying around? @andy?

here we go —> https://www.dropbox.com/s/fniyen2xpzmhkok/equinox%20(old).zip?dl=0

how do you use the sampler/fiddle mode? this is a complex beast.

fiddle mode is always “sampling” but you can record that mode via record and turning on AUX 6 7 or 8 etc… there are little feedbacks on line 5 that tells you what is on and i used the oled lights to help

Thanks Andy, you the man of the hour!!!

I would love to be able to give something back, like some insight on how I use this patch, but to be honest so far I am letting it use me, I am just a knob tweaking, button pushing proxy for it. And when I finally emerge out of that trip, long time has passed and the drone is out in the world.

But if there is anything you can think about, just let me know

Sounds cool! Do you have an external input? Drum machine? A keyboard or something?

honestly you should move to the new one, even the sampler had bugs in that version hence my complete refurb


I fed it everything I had around… from a 0-coast to a PO-32, with different degrees of success if we are looking at the harmonic side of things, but all good fun nonetheless


cool stuff. if you record anything I’d like to hear it.