ETC Capture Cards / Frame rates

Ahh, yes. The intensity. Hmmm, I’m using the UltraStudo Mini Capture SDI / HMDI and its got an adjustable frame rate settings but still can’t see it.

Been too busy to get in a tinker with resolution settings, I’ll have to see what I can do.

I have been hooking it up to projectors directly, and the load screen works B&W ETC" but then the once the app loads it switches to a black screen. Works fine on auto adjusting projectors & TV’s but any variation in frame rate on the bigger projectors and the signal gets lost.

So what are the best options for editing THE ETC resolution in pygame to something slightly more compadable with mixers/capture cards?

I love using the ETC solo is magical on its own, but I really want to hook it up to a live input (for VDMX / Arena or live streaming) to mix/preform with it but to do that I need a non reformatting 1920x1080 or 1280x720 at 59.94fps - Is anyone willing to tackle this in python?

I tried my video mixer ROLAND V-1HD but it only gives me a few pixels of glitch and says no source restart it and again starts up at 1280x720 you can see the load screen and then glitches and reformats to another resolution? not sure what the frame rate read at

I keep stricking out.

We use the Roland V-1 HD at the shop and it works well with the ETC, although it did take a little fiddling to get the right settings. The switch on the back of the V-1 needs to be set at 720p and frame rate in the menu set to 59.94 (which is the default I believe). Does this work for you? or do you need V-1 set to 1080?

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Nice, that works to make it viewable with the Roland V-1 !!! but… that still makes it unusable framerate for the BlackMmagic Ultrastudio capture card. womp womp.

@oweno @chrisk Just came up with another solution, that solves my problem. now that I know we can’t change the apps frame rate.

Singal converters!!! Composite Video AV 3 RCA CVBS R/L Audio + S-Video + HDMI to HDMI Adapter Video Converter 720P/1080P with Switch doesn’t keep the kit streamlined but allows me to use it with VDMX now.

So were you ever able to get the Black Magic Mini working? I was about to purchase to use with ETC, but this is the second thread I’ve found where people couldn’t get a signal. I saw the Elgato HD60 works, but I’d rather output to Thunderbolt than USB, and the MiniRecorder is the cheapest/simplest option for that… at least that I’ve found.


Following. I just bought the BM UltraStudio Mini Recorder assuming it would work, but I guess I shoulda done more research first. I get bupkis. I don’t even get an option in the bundled BM software to adjust framerate or revolution or anything. So frustrating.

2 cents of trying other ideas; and sorry if its too basic, but sometimes… you never know

  • Did you try another HDMI cable?
  • Change the boot sequence? ETC OFF with everything else ON - then vice-versa
  • Other Thunderbolt cable?
  • does BM UltraStudio Mini Recorder, actually records something else? (Faulty?)

Its a bummer something not working ;-(

Thanks for the response. Troubleshot all ways to sunday. It’s not the cables. Swapped the thunderbolt with my Apollo Twin, works fine. Used same HDMI cable ETC>Monitor, no problem. The only other HDMI device I had to test for input, though, is an Amazon FireStick. Still nothing. But I have no idea if that is due to some sort of DRM protections. FireStick works fine plugged straight in to the monitor. Really really frustrating.

thanks for following up! I ended up getting the elgato HD60 S, as it’s one of the cheaper cards and some other users on the forum (including C&G mods, I believe) said it worked well w/ the ETC. I hate the capture interface it comes with… but it does indeed work w/ ETC, so that’s all that matters I guess.

Yeah, seems like the elgato is the only game (no pun intended) in town. Was hoping not to have to deal with that interface tho, which is why I’d gone with the more pro vid production-oriented Blackmagic hard- and software. Now the question is HD60 or HD60 S?

Another update: Heard back from Blackmagic support re the issue I was having with their software interface, Desktop Video. Had to do with permissions in the latest High Sierra OS. Uninstalled BMD Desktop Video, then reinstalled, then told the Mac to allow it in security prefs, e voilá, the Mini Recorder mounted! (And I had all the frame rate adjustments and other parameters available.)… STILL BUPKIS. ETC seems to only work with the Elgato. This to me is a pretty crucial design flaw in the ETC, sad to say. Especially bc the Elgato capture card does not let the Mac “see” the ETC as a video source for anything other than the Elgato game capture software (which itself kinda sucks). Not available as a vid source for Lumen, not for Synesthesia, not for Resolume. So, unless you want to buy the Roland V-1 for $1000 plus some kind of workaround, as outlined above, you’re not gonna get realtime ETC output into any sort of workflow with any other program (to my knowledge). I’d be interested if anyone has been successful doing so.

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@ASH did Blackmagic offer any reason why their hardware/software can’t see the ETC? As @oweno mentioned, the ETC has worked with every other 720p60-capable device we’ve tried. The Blackmagic gear is the exception.

Please feel free to message me directly if you can share your contact at Blackmagic - it would be good to talk to them about this! Thanks!

UPDATE: The Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle works with the ETC as a realtime source for Quicktime/Resolume/Premiere. See this post:

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the response. Blackmagic were super helpful with support (pasted below), but, besides HDCP (which I can’t imagine applies to ETC) didn’t offer a reason the hardware wouldn’t communicate. I didn’t have an HDMI camera source to troubleshoot with, so tried an amazon stick and thus the mention.

Maybe Ruslan is your guy. His email there:

If you guys figure this out, please post about it. I’d sell my elgato in a heartbeat and get back with blackmagic.


“Hi Alan,

Thank you for your email.

If you see the UltraStudio Mini Recorder in the settings, it means the device installed properly. Regarding protection, you are absolutely right. If you can’t get a video from the HDMI the main reason is HDCP - High-bandwidth Digital Right Protection. Especially from Amazon or another set-top box. We would recommend checking the capturing device with HDMI camera. Actually, 1080i59.94 is most acceptable and can use in the troubleshooting process. If you can capture video from other devices it shows you that device works as expected and it might be interconnection issue. The UltraStudio Mini Recorder can support 720p59.94, 720p60. And if there no HDCP you should get a signal.

And if your reseller has an affordable return policy you can return back your device.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further reason.

Ruslan J
Support Representative
Blackmagic Design Inc.

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: XTV-260-82719
Department: Support
Type: Issue
Status: Closed
Priority: Normal”

Hi @ASH and @FatBlood ,

We picked up a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (USB) and got the ETC to work with it right away in both the Blackmagic Media Express capture software and Adobe Premiere!

Our system is an iMac running the Blackmagic Desktop Video version 10.9 controller (driver) software.

Here are some screenshots with our settings:
Blackmagic Desktop Video software:

Blackmagic Media Express capture software (with purple/magenta ETC imagery):

Adobe Premiere capture function:
35 PM

How do these settings compare with yours?


Thanks for the follow-up. Since I returned the BMD MiniRecorder and uninstalled the software, I can’t compare the settings directly–only as I remember them. And I don’t remember there being as many options (the MiniRecorder being fairly basic). The MiniRecorder just plain wouldn’t show up in Media Express. I mean, it would show up in the menu, but greyed out, no way to select/deselect, and no throughput of image.

Before I go returning my Elgato and buying the Intensity Shuttle, however, were you able to get the Shuttle/ETC to show up as a real-time video source in other programs (such as Lumen, Synesthesia, QuickTime, etc.) replacing the FaceTime HD cam as source? Is that what you are demonstrating with the screen cap of Adobe Premiere?

Yes, the screenshot of the Adobe Premiere capture settings is to illustrate that the Intensity Shuttle was a video source for Premiere and the ETC imagery was captured by Premiere in realtime.

Here are two screen shots of the ETC in realtime in both Resolume Arena and Quicktime:

Resolume Arena:



YES! Intensity Shuttle ordered. Elgato getting returned. Thanks!

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I’m trying to use Startech USB2HDCAPS as a standalone recorder for ETC/audio and no luck so far. The recording has a visible artefacts from what I can think of some sort of framerate incompatibility - frames getting darker periodically. I’m in contact with the technical support and hopefully we can figure out solution for this. So far I kind of wish ETC could have this recording function built into the device so we didn’t have to search for these recording boxes and deal with their compatibility problems.

I don’t think the usb stick would have the bandwidth,
and also many of the modes are pretty close to the cpu limit, so suspect nothing spare to start writing to disk. (single core processor, so even threading wont help)

hope you can get the startech working looks like an interesting device.

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hello! I have a Blackmagic intensity thunderbolt and I do the exactly same set ups in Media Express and Video Setup.
But, in my case, the video from ETC is flicking a little bit (especially at the bottom of the video)
It happens to you?