Euclidiot Sequins

Hi folks I am about to share Euclidiot Sequins a hybrid patch that started out as a simple Euclidean sequencer for drums but has spiraled into an glitch sampler (arent all patches eventually a glitch sampler?) hahaha. Anyway

This guy samples from live input, the Euclidean sequence, the baseline and from the sampled sample. Hence creating an array of the digital “double” as Deleuze would say. I have successfully built xsample-, xplay- and xgroove by Thomas Grill that requires Flext layers so that it enables variable speed playback and direction of the sound file pushing it past just glitch into a compositional tool.

I wanted to share some notes before I post it for a change
The controls will be similar of course with switches and stuff to sample from multiple or singular areas at any given time. Leading us up to the Console patch which will give us an 8 channel musing console inside Organelle sometime in October


Sounds exciting. Really cool idea. Looking forward to it.

okay so i fooled with it for several hours and the drum sounds were just annoying me so i pulled them and the Euclidean code is on hold. I do have live input with a beat mangler and xsample working. I tried a resonant basslline but because of all the array shenanigans i am doing it slowed the patch to a crawl. I am going to try some different delays or some other fun something effect before i release or delete this guy. Of course the one i am excited to share about is too top heavy for the processor …ahahah

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Given that this product (The Organelle) has been in the market for a while, what are the odds that it’s due for a processor bump? Moore’s Law waits for no one, and I have to think that a few additional MIPS would help us all out.

I only just got an Organelle so I’d be kind of bummed to see a new one appear straight away… But yeah, from my VERY little time with it it seems like a mkii at some point would make sense. For me it would be more for some extra buttons + built in battery though. Obvs more power would be nice too :wink: But if there were a handful of extra buttons/knobs so that all patches could kind of have a potential default UI for things like the below it would smooth workflow/performance out a lot -

Dedicated Buttons for -
Sequencer/arpeggio rec/play+stop/overdub/latch.
Sample Rec.
Octave +/-.
Copy/paste (in tandem with the option of using some kind of global sample folder)
Page <> (or even 8 small numbered buttons for pages)

Not sure how ‘neccessary’ a mkii is (or how feasible considering the re-coding of patches etc to make use of the extra UI) but seems like it could potentially bring Organelle a lot closer to Op1 in terms of fluid workflow, which is hard to not see as a good thing.

Saying all this, theres nothing ‘wrong’ with how it is atm. It’s unique and limitations are fine. Just that some of those limitations can feel a little fiddly/hemmed in.

I think organelle has a long way to go yet… its processor is not bad, and we have not explored moving on from Pure Data yet (PD is not the most efficient DSP platform). also, new SOC would (mainly) bring multi cores, which is nice, but not supported that well in PD (for end user patches in particular)
Id have preferred the pots to all be encoders, but there are reasonable workarounds, and you can always connect external controllers via USB to extend.
… I also think there are lots of opportunities for the Organelle ‘OS’ , which don’t rely on new hardware.

so overall, I think theres lots to explore yet, and just like music, technical limitations can make us technically more creative :wink: (anyone growing up in the 80’s with home computers will have experience this!)


I think if they upgrade the Organelle they should upgrade it with a piece of hardware that works with the original. So you have your Organelle and then maybe at the USB end you can add the C&G Golgi Apparatus that adds some pots, pads, more USB, maybe even CV or something crazy.

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I think we can make wishlists all day but a sheer faster processor would be nice
built in wifi
a R/W mode and 4 buttons in addition to Aux and four more pots or encoders would be awesome.

and of course the one that shoots lissajous lasers like my old amiga, one that can run GEM/pdp/pidip and OpenCV libs

i would love updates but these always become ridiculous where everyone wants to make it their own pet project LOL.


Everything shree said

Sorry to derail the discussion - I was just curious if there were “plans” on the “horizon” that might lead me to “delay” a “purchase” in anticipation of “teh new hotness”. There, I’ve said it.