Eurorack integration via Midi to CV module?

I’m trying to find out how to best integrate organelle with my eurorack system in terms of bi-directional clocking but also generating cv and gate information from Organelle.

Yesterday, I saw the new Synthrotek Midi to CV module here and it seems to fit the bill perfectly and at a small size as well.

So I reached out to Synthrotek to confirm the module will work with organelle, but they came backs saying they weren’t sure. Can one of the C&I people on here please have a brief look at the module and hazard a guess? Thanks!

That looks like a nice module, but we haven’t tried it. Their manual says:

The module behaves like a standard USB MIDI adapter, so you can enable it in your DAW, send MIDI data to it, and receive data from it. It is class compliant, so no extra drivers are necessary.

The Organelle only works with class compliant devices (no device-specific drivers), so my guess is that it would work and probably be pretty fun.

If you have any questions about the Organelle’s default MIDI capability, see pages 22-25 of the manual.
Depending on how you would like to use an external device like this module, you may have to adjust how your patch(es) send and receive MIDI…

Thanks for the response and for putting me back onto the manual.
On second reading, I don’t see any information about midi clock in there.
So would Organelle actually be able to send/receive clock data?
Use cases: synchronize a delay or looper on Organelle to a eurorack clock; use organelle patch as master clock for modular; etc.

Yes, the Organelle can send and receive MIDI clock. A patch may use the standard Pd MIDI objects for clock (midirealtimein to receive and midiout to send) Check out the Arpeggio Sampler and Arpeggio Synth on the patches page. It is kinda buried (inside master-metronome), but these both receive MIDI clock and lock onto it.

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Cool! I think I’ll give the module a try and report back here. Thanks for the advice!

Got my Organelle week ago, tried several MIDI/CV connections with my eurorack system:

  1. Korg SQ-1 as a master clock, sync with Organelle with ease

  2. SQ-1 receiving clock from eurorack, and clock thru to Organelle, works too

  3. Organelle’s key note and pitch note (two octave wooden keys) to SQ-1 via USB-MIDI, convert to CV to eurorack: Dosen’t work

Then I replaced the Organelle with Macbook Pro, did the same connection, and it works perfectly. I guess Organelle cannot send note on/off and pitch as what describe on manual page 22-25.

Anyone have the same experiences? I want to use Organelle as a controller to send keyboard note on/off & pitch messages to SQ-1 (a good MIDI to CV convertor), and convertor to 1V/Oct & +5V gate to control the oscillator on my eurorack system.

What is connecting the Organelle’s USB to the SQ-1? A USB A-B cable? (a photo of your setup may help…)

With SQ-1 connected to Organelle via USB only), please scroll the Organelle screen to “Info” and click (it is near the top). On the “MIDI” line, do you see something that indicates the Organelle recognizes the Korg is there?

Also, what Organelle patch did you try?

Yes, a cable from type A port of Organelle to type B port of SQ-1.

Yes, I am sure the device is recognized as “SQ-1” on Info.

Tried almost every patches, including above mentioned Arpeggio Sampler, Arpeggio Synth.

Also I am not sure if it is necessary but I did set my SQ-1 as MIDI channel 1 (to match the default channel of Organelle).

I gave this a shot with the SQ-1, and it does look problematic. The issue is the SQ-1 enumerates as 2 separate MIDI devices (which I first noticed on the iMac), one for input, and one for output. By default the Organelle selects the first one on the list (in this case the input), but even worse the output device doesn’t show up at all in Pd… so SQ-1 as Organelle to CV doesn’t seem promising atm…

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Thanks @oweno! Never thought SQ-1 would behave like this… Perhaps I should get a MIDI to CV module instead.

Hi guys! , I have a question so I would like to use the Electro Harmonix 45000 as a master clock for my other loopers and for the organelle , what would I have to buy to connect the organelle to the Looper , a usb / midi cable? , or would I require something else?

many thanks!