Exploiting Stuck Notes in Orac 2.0

Hi all, I am a new Organelle user and long time music technologist. I am finding the Organelle to be a fascinating instrument with mind blowing potential. I’m especially fond of Orac with it’s modules, routing, and MIDI learn capabilities.

Using Orac I have been able to create stuck notes in Sampler24 by switching to another module while holding down a key. I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone and the solution is, “just don’t do that!” However, I would like to exploit this behavior of stuck notes in certain situations, but I have found no quick way of unsticking those notes.

Is there a faster way to solving stuck notes (aside from reloading the module)? Or, is there a MIDI panic button patch or module out there? I’m not sure what the polyphony is in Sampler24, but I was able to essentially loop four or five samples and still manipulate the speed controls. It’d be fun and useful to create these stacks of stuck notes then map a button to clear them all at once. Obviously I could plop a sequencer the slot before it and do something similar, but a MIDI panic button sounds generally like a good idea. Thanks!

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I’ve noticed the notes sticking… and have been treating it as a “just don’t do that” kind of thing. There has been some discussion on the module developers thread about notes stuck especially when a sequencer is playing and then is unloaded (the module replaced by a different one) mid-note. I guess the synth modules already respond to control 127 to kill all notes, so it’d be easy to make a module to send the signal. Adding a panic button to the clock module is another idea…

It might also be worth looking at making a simple note latch module that you could throw in front of a synth or sampler. The button could be used to latch / unlatch notes. This way you are not relying on note sticking ‘bug’ which might change in the future.

I like the idea of adding a MIDI panic button to the clock module. Since I’m hoping to use this thing at the ISSTA conference at the end of the month I think I’ll try a sequencer in front of sampler24 and avoid doing things that cause stuck notes. Cheers!

yeah, there are 2 ways to stick notes (that im aware of)

a) change/remove a module
if you have a sequencer and its generating notes, then if you remove it… the downstream modules never get the note off.
this is a bug…which i’ll fix :slight_smile:
what I should be doing is sending ‘all notes off’ to downstream modules whenever you switch out a module.

b) switching modules
yeah, this i left as a feature :wink:
I had the choice when you switch to a module whilst holding a key down, do i do a note-off, or do i let it ring out… as you say sometimes its useful so I let it play on.
it actually works nicely if you have monophonic modules following it (simply pressing the note again will turn it off) … but its not so useful for polyphonic modules.

as @oweno stated, sending cc 127 from an external module should stuck notes,
but i think adding a ‘panic’ perhaps to the Router module would be a good thing.

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