Export MIDI data into DAW

Hey all!

I’m interested in the idea of exporting MIDI data (a sequence, for example) from Organelle into a DAW (Ableton) for further editing/composition. Is this at all possible, at least with specific patches, or are my expectations too high?


Hi @Mike,
you could have a look on the older posts on this forum with the “search” tool. There is plenty of topics about MIDI. So yes, is it possible. Do you have a soundcard with MIDI ports ?

Hi Tony,

thanks for this.

Yes, I do have a MIDI port on my soundcard. So I’m guessing it’s USB (Organalle) to MIDI (soundcard) and then activating incoming MIDI via Ableton’s preferences? No patching necessary? :wink:


Basically, yes. But some patches might react differently (depending who designed them).
Have a look on the forum before buying your cable

OK, thanks, Tony. Appreciate the feedback!

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