Faster Way to Transfer Samples to SD card?

Just wondering if anyone can help out here. I’m on an Organelle 1 if that’s relevant.

Currently it takes about two minutes to transfer a 20mb sample.
I’m also getting a lot of “the operation timed out” when transferring many samples at a time.
I’ve tried both my home wifi network and organelle autopair.
It’s a little faster via the web server than it is using forklift, interestingly, but super inconvenient as one has to select each file individually to delete/move things, and uploading isn’t drag&drop.

I’m on a mac using forklift. I know smaller SD cards are faster (currently using 32GB U3 V30 sandisk, and checked, it is faster on my old 3.1 os 16 gig card), but I’m also wondering if something might be up with my wifi dongle, bc I don’t remember it taking anywhere near this long in the past.

If anyone could chime in on how long sample uploads take them via various methods, and what sd card you’re using, it might help me figure out if I should order a new wifi dongle, or if these are normal speeds and I’m just being impatient :slight_smile:

(edit: we don’t have to partition SD card with the 4.0 disk image, correct?)