Favorite patches for breakbeat/core/DnB things?

I haven’t explored creating in these genres much, and I’m interested! I’d love to integrate Organelle in the process and am not sure where to start. Any favorites?


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This is an amazing patch for chopping breaks! One of my faves :slight_smile: I’m currently work shopping a somewhat similar patch but may be a bit before it’s released.

If you use Orac/Orhack, I sometimes will use my program Loopy to load in classic breaks and will use the stuttering, reversing, varispeed, and delay to mess them up. Using different effects after it like slicer, reverb, and filters is really fun! Also I use OracLoops to play cheesy samples that are typical of old school jungle. You can sequence other synths along side it :slight_smile:


Beautiful! I’m looking forward to trying this all out! Thank you :smiley: