Favourite stereo patches

I recently got an Organelle and am loving it very much. My main use is to complement a (very) small eurorack system, the stereo out of which I run into it for tweakable, live effects processing. I’ve noticed that most patches don’t explicitly state whether they are mono or stereo, which I imagine is so because most Organelle users will eventually learn PD well enough to edit patches as needed themselves.

While I also plan to learn how to do this eventually, until then I am wondering what people’s favourite stereo Organelle patches are that I might want to try out. So far my personal favourite ones are DUST, with is beautiful tape/vinyl artefacts, and Granular Freezer, which works great to morph between a stereo signal and soloing with frozen grain sounds on the Organelle keyboard.

Would be curious to hear of similar stereo patches, it might be helpful to others as well to compile a list so that we don’t spend time trying out patches from PatchStorage which mostly turn out to be mono…

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Having just acquired a Plumbutter (a suuuper stereo instrument) was a little disappointed to learn that so many organelle patches are indeed mono since I was hoping the Organelle would be my main sound mangler for the PB.
Here’s some that work great though:
Fuzzy Memories
Reverse Delay
There’s others that I’m forgetting now.

(Turns out Organelle into plumbutter is much more fun, so I’m no longer disappointed :wink: )

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Great, that’s very helpful I’ll give these a try. Plumbutter looks like a very exciting instrument indeed. I tried Clouds but unlike the Eurorack module it seemed the patch doesn’t have a dry/wet mix which made it a bit difficult to use for me. Perhaps it’s there but I just didn’t find it – will give it another try.

As an aside, I still haven’t figured out whether there is any Wiki environment that people go to, to learn about patches and creative uses for the Organelle, other than this forum. This forum is nice but wouldn’t it be even greater if there was a kind of central database where you could learn whether a patch is mono or stereo, Orac compatible or not, people can upload alternative versions of the patch (e.g. stereo or Orac) and people can contribute ideas on how to use the patches?

This is my only disappointment with the Organelle so far by the way – that it somehow feels a bit ‘orphaned’. There is a huge amount of knowledge and insight in the community around the instrument but there seems to be no effective way to organise and retrieve that knowledge – which in itself inhibits, I think, the creation of a more vibrant community around the instrument.

I believe dry wet in clouds is called ‘blend’ as it is on the eurorack module. Are you using this version? clds | Patchstorage
Patchstorage is the place you are speaking of I think. Critter and guitari do a good job explaining each of their own patches on organelle.io but as for user patches, the quality and quantity of information available will always depend on whatever they choose to write in the blurb on patchstorage and here.

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