FFTease & Lyon Potpourri Instrument

I agree, this is waaaay cool. :open_mouth:
Such a surprising and exciting patch. Appreciae all the thought and digital music heritage going on behind the scenes. Great to see these concepts grafted into a usable form for the Organelle.

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Great to see these getting a home on the Organelle. I was lucky enough to have Eric Lyon introduce many of them to me in a computer music class he was teaching years ago! We were running them on MAX/MSP at the time, and I remember the computers could barely process the spectral objects. They are still pretty processor intensive I imagine, but it is really cool to think about using them on the Organelle.


There you have it, it was meant to be!

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Wannop they are all going to get midi eventually in my plan :footprints: we’re still kinda just getting going in a way.
i’ll try to get the midiclock on bashfest


Couldn’t agree more. All the patches @shreeswifty has been rolling out lately are simply fantastic. If they get better with MIDI sync and whatnot, this sonic heaven will be even more inspiring, and it is very much so already.


Finally tried your Poisson patch today and was blown away…cool sounding evolving rhythms , noise, chaos,beautiful. Reading your background I don’t feel as shabby about my little simple patches next to your epics!

i am so glad you are enjoying them seriously that’s awesome.
here is an experimental one with midi i am not sure it will work just yet but i think it should
i don;t have an external midi clock to test with, will someone try this?

i don’t want to start another instrument but i told Wannop i would try to get MIDI on this one


i think this version works
i tested it with the midi clock coming from Novation Circuit
You can haz MIDI. I think i can say that lets see if it works for others first

You can try to Haz midi


wowowow, will try this tonight! bashfest with midi? holy cr*p…

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I confirm that it works! Awesome work @shreeswifty!

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:raised_hands: Big up shreeswifty! Sync timed and aligned perfectly to my midi sequencer. Ace. Need to send you an audio sample of my output from this patch as it didn’t sound like others are getting this bleep from the samples as they play like I am.


Yes, it works indeed! :slight_smile: Tested it with the OP-1 sending clock to the Organelle, all is dandy. Will make some clones of this patch with different soundsets. Because what can be better than weird? Weirder, of course. :slight_smile: Thanks Swifty for yet another awesome patch!

Thanks a lot!
I’ve made my own wish compilation of your list.

So nice posibilities…
Thanks a lot again for all your efforts and the pleasure!

Forgot to include the list, hahahah:

presidency~ a spectral sampler with pitch control
residency~ a spectral sampler useful for time scaling
quadpan~ pan an incoming sound within a quadraphonic plane
sarec~ sample accurate recording
splitbank~ split an incoming sound into complementary, independently tunable spectra
pvoc~ an additive synthesis phase vocoder

anuttumad, unfortunately the FFTease objects are ALL a no go they want too much resource.

i will try splitbank~ though that looks good

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Can FFTease can be compiled to use the FFTW library, or maybe it uses this by default? I saw a compile option for Pd to use FFTW for its internal FFT objects, which I was curious about because FFTW has support for the neon extensions (vector floating point unit present on the Organelle’s processor). This should greatly improve performance for FFT related stuff, but might be a pain to get working…

I spoke with Eric Lyon and he’s not going back to that code so we are on our own, i assume. i DID find a bunch of new code that we can fool with after of course i try to make the Splitbank~ thing for Anttumad unless they are already making it. It’s a nice spectral filter and will really sound nice if i can get it working

I am going through the Montreal Pure Data Club’s code and trying to extract some fun things from it. affectionately known as “mtl” i assume for montreal there is some fancy cool code that works on vanilla pretty well.

i have a spectral morphing waveshaper that is sounding kind of cool kind of like an emulation of the Synthesis Technology 350 Morphing terrarium. I also have another Better -er granular synthesizer and a traditional modular-esque synth with nice delay on the desktop. I shit the bed again today with some code that works fine on the computer and nothing on the organelle. I cannot figure out why so on deck is::

Euclidean sample player sounds nice with drums and drones
Random Sampler – i think this one may be fun it chooses from a folder and randomly loads a file(s) could be fun for MIDI too
Xsample/Xgroove etc…

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Thanks a lot Shreeswifty!

XSample? are you porting externals over?

main reason I ask about that one is that I built my first patch today - just a really rough go at the frippertronics setup I’ve been using for making music - I quite like the idea of a super portable setup with the iPad and Organelle. Does what I wanted but needs to be done properly now :slight_smile: - I think xsample might help

Question in general - I wrote externals many years ago when I was a PD user (mjlib - still kicking around I notice) - how do you compile them for the A9 on the Organelle? any pointers to getting a build environment setup?

I use https://github.com/pure-data/pd-lib-builder for the templates for my makefiles, as its got windows/mac/arm support, so I build on a mac, then once I’m happy I transfer them over to the Organelle and compile there.
externals are generally pretty small, so its generally not really worth the effort to setup a cross compiling environment.
Organelle already has build tools installed, but its useful to have a wifi network setup, so you can do things like git pulls and be able to ssh into it.

if you are converting existing externals with makefiles for arm you want to add

-march=armv7-a -mfpu=vfpv3 -mfloat-abi=hard

(and obviously move any x86 specific flags)

its all pretty straightforward really, not rocket science :slight_smile:

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