Filtering/Smooth Numbers

Im trying to add a Filter to my Patch, and everything works fine, but it keeps clicking, when I sweep the Frequency. I just used the simple hip~. I know that I could convert to signal and then lowpass filter it, but I cant connect that to the Input of hip. What am i doing wrong?

Have you given [hip~] a starting cut off frequency? i.e. [hip~ 5000]? If you have a starting value Pd doesnt like it and then expects control messages rather than audio rate.

EDIT - Just checked and cutoff frequency needs to be a control signal so ignore my duff advice and listen to the wise words of @KristofferLislegaard!

you can also keep it in the control domain by using a line object instead.


message: $1 5

I didnt use a starting value. going to try the line object thing. Thanks

I managed to use the line object, but the clicking is still there. Less but obvious. Im a beginner, should i use a different filter, is the control message still wrong or will there always be a slight click? Im looking into Interpolation but it seems quite expensive?
My signal flow is:
r knob2
$1 5
Am I missing something? xD

if you want to get rid of clicks, you need a filter that can be controlled at audio rate, which [hip~] isn’t.