Formalized Music of Iannis Xenakis: 14 years of research

form facebook:

“After 14 years, i return gladly to one of my dearest and obscure inspirations, Iannis Xenakis’ Gendy. I was introduced in the late late 1990s to Iannis Xenakis by James Paul Sain @ the Florida Electro-Acoustic Music Studio with Xenakis landmark piece for the 1958 Worlds Fair Phillips Pavilion uniting sound and architecture “Concret Ph” , with Jim i studied Max, SuperCollider, Csound and Kyma. In those days i could not afford a mac so Dr. Sain let me finish the Max assignments with “Pure Data” and anyone who knows me knows my love affair with “Pd” So obsessed is a light term for my desire to get Spencer Russell’s implentation of Gendy~ working for a boutique Pd synth i love programming for, the Critter and Guitari “organelle” that runs Pd via arch linux [Arch Linux arm7/atom processor]
With the help of the incredibly patient, Thomas Grĭll Gendy~ has new life on Raspberry Pi & Organelle.”

Listen to the insanity sauce if you dare:

gendy~ & the patches will be available in January for C&G Forum & In special sneak preview for patreon supporters