Gamelan Patch

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Does anyone knows if there is a patch somewhere on the vast web that simmulates a gamelan or other Javanese/Indonesian traditional instruments?

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Probably will release a a patch to play soundfonts instruments + a looper this weekend. could be a nice idea to to to make a bank with all these instruments. Already grabbed the Gamelan from here. Check if there are others you want:


Also there is this Koto patch that I really like. It’s synthesized from scratch so you can poke around.

Thanks a lot for the info! Looking forward to your patch :slight_smile:

If you have the opportunity could be super cool if you can record a Gamelan, and they we can make a custom soundfont. This one sound ok, but it is using only one sample I believe.

I have a Global music one but it depends on soundfont and Fluidsynth~ install. I wonder if @thetechnobear ever included for o/s updates?

I’m in Central Java now for two months, so I will be able to make a database of samples from gamelan and other instruments. I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


needs fluidsynth~ has a bunch of world/percussives

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Thanks! I’ll check it out!

Nice! gotta try this! Mind if asking… why don’t you upload them to patchstorage?

It would be great if fruidsynth and supercollider just install with the lastest OS update. These are amazing tools that I think most people are missing. If they came with the default installation, would be easier to post and share these patches, and for people to use them.

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I actually have recorded a bunch of samples from instruments in my old (slendro) ensemble that I have yet to actually edit and collect from my recorder. But I certainly can in a few days and send to you all :slight_smile:.

They are wonderful sounding, homemade instruments used in this ensemble

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