Granular Freeze


I really love the granular freeze function of the organelle and I plan to use it with guitar.
I was wondering if they was any way to create your own granular cloud.
Is the sound produced completely random or is there a way to make your own or personalize it?
Also is there a way to save a specific sample and granular cloud that you like in order to use it again?



Granular Synthesis is a huge avenue of modern electro-acoustics i am not sure about granular freeze but i suspect its a phase vocoder if it’s freezing things

C&G’s Granular Freezer is always a cloud of your own making, it resynthesizes sound input you make to create the ‘cloud’ of samples but they aren’t saveable.

Thanks @shreeswifty and @Wannop . Is there any way to modify the patch to allow it to save a specific “cloud of samples”. Also I understand that the granular freeze takes your sound input to create this cloud but I’m curious how much control you have into creating this cloud (besides simply creating the sample). Like can you change the tempo, speed, etc.

Thanks again.

Oh (12.4 KB)

here is a version where Footswitch


Sorry I’m on my phone
Footswitch Records And then plays back the file

Step once record step 2 play back etc