Granular Freezer Extended

Hi everyone

I’m quite new to PD and the Organelle. I’m currently working on an extension of the Granular Freezer LL, adding a multi page menu and additional functionality/effects which I’m planning to use live along with my saxophone effects. So far I’ve used 3 of the 4 pages and I’ve run into a few problems that might be easy to solve for the more experienced PDers out there, especially for @oweno I’d guess as I’m building on his patch as well as his multi page template.

Issue Nr 1: When I change a page on the multi page menu, the individual items (lines 1-4) aren’t displayed until I change their value via the knob. I’m assuming that something would have to be banged when choosing the page for everything to appear.

Issue Nr 2: I’ve added a control to change octaves of the midi keyboard. This works fine for the lower octave (-1), but stops working from the middle of octave 0 upwards. Going into octaves +1 and +2 it starts messing up something about the grains, allowing the dry signal to get through. This gets worse the longer the grains are. With really short grains the problem tends to disappear. Any ideas how to go about this?

Issue Nr 3: Some of the loadbang functions don’t work the way I’d like them to. I’m trying to have everything on the “pitch” page at zero at startup, but I guess I’m doing something wrong with my loadbangs.

Issue Nr 4: I’ve integrated the SHUFFL patch of @shreeswifty on page 3 of the menu. The blender function is changed to make it a dry/wet applying to everything (even to the dry signal of the grain freezer). The issue with this patch (also when using it by itself) is the heavy crackling when changing the buffer size. Is there any way to alleviate this? I’ve built in a weird workaround that isn’t really satisfying (temporary lop~ whenever a change is made). The strange thing too is that it makes this noise even when there shouldn’t be any signal from that effect getting through, which makes me think that it might be a CPU-glitch kinda problem?

I’ll keep on working on it too and I’ll be happy to share it when it’s ready. If anyone finds the time to take a look and point me in the right direction on any of these issues, it would be much appreciated.

Also a huge thanks for all the great patches and information out there! I’d be happy to eventually contribute to this creative playground.


And here’s the patch:


Hey all

Since my last post I’ve used this patch on a few live shows with my tenor sax. The Granular Freezer is amazing and by itself already worth the purchase of the Organelle M to me.
Meanwhile I’ve been able to solve some of the above problems and I’ve built in some more stuff making this awesome patch even more versatile. The current structure is:

Page 1 “Grains”
1: Grain Size
2: Spread
3: Density
4: Wet/Dry

Page 2 “Pitch”
1: Octave (keyboard transposition)
2: Pitch Warp
3: Wobble Speed
4: Wobble Depth

Page 3 “Shuffler”
1: Buffer Speed Randomization
2: Buffer Size
3: Buffer Speed
4: FSW Wander

Page 4 “Various”
1: Reverb (pre shufflr)
2: Buffer Dry/Wet
3: Bandpass Frequency
4: Bandpass Q

I’ve updated the file on the above Patchstorage link. You can get the newest version there.

I’m still struggling with issues Nr 2 & 4 from my original post. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. Nevertheless the patch is already quite usable and fun to play with!


Extremely good patch improvements ! Thanks!

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