Guitar Effect Mayhem: shoogazor

I thought this would take a lot longer to achieve. Still a bit of a work in progress - but I think it has to be this noisy to do everything I want it to do (clean > heavy distortion, wah effect, delay with chorus modulation on repeats, and reverb (including freeze).

Aux goes through the effect settings but signal goes through all effects.

Much fun will be had with this!!


Yes, this is fun! nice work!

Shoogazor Deluxe now uploaded which does stereo effects. It might be borderline doing too much (the dirt part is quite a processor eater) but it worked just now after being glitchy last week.

It’s Dirt > Chorus (left / right can be set or right can sync to left using Aux) > Leslie Sim that has an autorate > Delay with multiply settings for stereo effects (watch the feedback: start low on 0.25 / 0.33!!!) > Reverb with octave up on the wet.
All effects can be toggled on / off using keys.

Now on to something that isn’t guitar effects I think…

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This needs more love! Really fun to play around with. Thanks

Cheers. Glad you like it too!

Just to add I’ve update Shoogazor Deluxe to make it a bit smoother (handling knob fluctuations) and taking Dirt off as the processing power was too close for comfort! Here’s a quick test of it: