Guitar tuner (440Hz and 432Hz versions)


I’ve posted a guitar tuner on Patch Storage:


Was thinking this would really benefit from a change to the UI - how would I go about displaying a horizontal meter on the screen? (similar to [hslider]), so I can mimic a standard analog guitar tuner display with a needle, i.e.:



To make that kind of slider graphic / animation you would use [until] into a float counter run into scaling / location math into the shape / line primitive /oled/primitive symbol.

Check out the first post in the Organelle GFX post. The path running down with the [r num-down] is essentially what you will want to build off of. Possibly 2 or more of these signal chains to make it look nice.


Great, thanks, will take a look. That is the thing I love about Pd / Organelle, there’s always something else to do / learn. :guitar:


Super awesome!


New version on Patch Storage with a graphical interface (oops, had missed out a couple of loadbangs, now added):


Very nice, works very well.

The next step is one that works polyphonically, all 6 strings at the same time :wink:


It tracks very well! did you change anything in the audio path from the earlier text version? or maybe just having the graphics help make it so much more intuitive.


Thanks! :smiley:

Yes, it didn’t track so well with the graphics using the continuous stream of control output from [sigmund~] but worked a lot better once I put this through [sig~] and into [snapshot~] which I banged every 100ms.


If anyone’s interested I have just posted a 432Hz version on Patch Storage: