H rando patches reshuffling sample folders and contents?

i was wondering if anyone’s been having similar issues with replacing samples in various h rando patches? in multiple iterations of the patch (punchy, genny, etc) every time i try to replace the stock files with my own samples, the patch jumbles them around between folders/keys, and then it reeaaally becomes rando.
it’s been cool for a while, but now i want to get more specific, and i’m wondering if there’s a fix or if i’m missing something. i’ve tried swapping samples on both usb and internal card, and the same thing happens, and i make sure the folders are always numbered 1-24.
thanks in advanced for any tips!

Can you upload a screen shot of the contents of one of the sample folders?

thanks for the reply! yes here are some screenshots. some of the samples themselves have similar names (because they are one shots from the same source), but distinguished numerically. could that be the problem?

Are you using a USB drive that is white plastic on one side and black and gold on the other side? If so, this may be cause of the problem. Here are instructions to set up a new drive: Critter & Guitari Manual
It probably best to load your patches from fresh downloads from organelle.io (main CG repo) and Patch Storage so that any corrupted files are not copied to your new drive.

hi sorry for the delay!
i’m using a USB drive that is silver and black, pictured below. i’ve largely downloaded patches from the C+G page and patch storage, except for these h rando ones because for some reason they wouldn’t download from the home page and i couldn’t find them in patch storage. so i got them from here Index of /organelle/patches
also i had these same problems with the h rando patches that came preloaded when i first got the organelle when i tried to replace samples through patch manager.
sorry if this is a really specific inconsequential problem, absolutely no worries if it’s not an easy fix!

Sorry for the delay. The most up-to-date patches are located on our github repository: //codeload.github.com/critterandguitari/Organelle_Patches/zip/refs/heads/master

RE: your USB drive, did you format to FAT before loading new patches on to it?