Help another MIDI syncing problem FCB1010 to organelle

hello everyone,

i have a drum machine sending MIDI into my FCB1010 into a digital echoplex going THRU to the ORGANELLE. for some reason everytime i hit a button on the FCB1010 my organelle goes haywire and resets. if i don’t hit any buttons on the fcb1010 everything links perfectly. any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Is the FCB1010 sending out program change messages? This will cause the Organelle to switch patches. Program numbers are mapped to the patches in alphabetical order.’s_Default_MIDI_Setup

hi owen yes the fcb is sending PC messages and it is switching patches unpredictably! for example i’m using the arpeggiator patch. would i open the master-metronome folder to find the program number?

I don’t understand, the master-metronome folder? it should not have anything to do with PC messages…

ok sorry for the misunderstanding. how do i make it so it doesn’t change patches every time i hit the fcb1010?

This requires overriding the mother.pd patch (save a new version in the Patches folder on the USB drive). In mother.pd, inside the MIDI sub patch, there is another sub patch for program change. Just delete the [pgmin] object.

Or you could just put the fcb after the Organelle in the chain.

ok i found everything. and copied everything. i did a screen shot. which is the pgmin object? thanks again in advance. i’ve been racking my brain over this for some time.

Screen Shot pgmin

so i erased everything except the pgmin and now it doesn’t reset the patch but just triggers a note. so when i hit the first button it plays a “d” the second it plays an "e flat’ etc. i’m getting somewhere but ideally i would like it to not effect the organelle except for the syncing part. @oweno

I realized you could also update the Organelle OS to the new version:

This update allows you to change the global MIDI channel without messing with mother.pd. This way you can set the Organelle to receive on a different channel thant the fcb is sending, and everything should be fine. (sync is for all channels, so sync should still work).

If you do run the update, be sure to remove the old mother.pd patch in your Patches folder (if you put one in there)

thank you so much!! it works now. i had updated but i guess i had the old mother.pd patch still in there. it works wonderfully now, really appreciate your effort and time on this.